No subscriptions! No drinks, powders, or pills! Hit me up and let me get you healthy, off the prescription drugs, and UN-Fat!

I'm Keto Coach Jamie. I love helping people get healthy, look and feel great with the Keto way of eating.  Sick of "diets" that get you nowhere or only give you temporary weight loss? Tired of killing yourself in the gym but staying fat? I've been living the Keto way for more than 2 years, and I know how to get through these obstacles. It is truly a life change!

My mission is to teach you how to do Keto the right way, inexpensively, and get rid of obesity-related diseases like type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure, heart disease, and depression.
   This can be done without expensive products, subscriptions or special "Keto" foods and drinks. Besides saving the money spent on that junk, imagine how much you can save by eliminating the prescription drugs you are taking!

   With Keto, there is no more starving. This isn't about eating very small portions, or eating nothing but things like lettuce and baked chicken.

   I don't push any meal-replacement shakes or other products.  I especially won't push any kind of so-called "heart-healthy" low-fat food that is actually high in sugar and processed carbs.

  This very healthy way of life can be achieved by eating foods like steak, bacon, eggs, butter, and other delicious foods we've been told for decades are unhealthy. 

   If I can do it by cutting out all of the "heart-healthy, wholesome" junk food like whole grain bread, skim milk and cereal, so can YOU!

  Let's get started! Visit the "Order a Session" page, fill out your information and send to me so we can set up a free initial consultation.

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The information expressed during sessions (email, phone, or in person) is intended to be general information with respect to common single parent life issues.  Information is offered in good faith - you do not have to use this information.